Dothan Nursery and Landscape Design: Buds N' Blossoms

Buds N' Blossoms

Our Garden Center

Stroll our 12-acre nursery to discover everything you’ll need to create an appealing landscape you and your family will enjoy for years to come.

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The Gift Shop

The Gift Shop is home base here at the nursery and our front desk's helpful staff is happy to offer any assistance you may need. Chief, our four-legged associate, would love it if you'd stop in to shop for a while or pick up a gift card for a friend.

The Plaza

As you stroll through our relaxing plaza you'll discover a wide selection of stone products and garden accents: benches + statuary arbors + pergolas + birdbaths + fountains + stately planters + ceramics + accents. ​Find inspiration for your own container gardens OR let us create a custom mix with plants you've hand-selected here at the nursery.
the market

The Market

Discover a world of colorful annuals, perennials, and unique finds in our seasonal market. This vibrant zone showcases special promotions, a captivating koi pond, our friendly canine ambassador, Chief, and an exciting succulent shack.
the barn

The Barn

We strive to be your one-stop-shop by carrying various items we know you'll need to get your planting project off to a great start. Potting soil, organic enrichments, various fertilizers and pine straw rolls/bales.
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The Nursery

Our nursery and retail center are managed by Antonio Martinez and his team. They ensure that our products are as healthy as possible when they go home with you! Antonio has been with Buds N' Blossoms for 20 years and he's knowledgeable about every plant/tree we carry. Antonio and his wife Nancy are a very important part of the Buds N' Blossoms family.
the stone yard

The Stone Yard

Nothing adds year-round interest to your landscape like thoughtfully placed hardscaping accents. We carry a variety of hardscaping materials- from large flagstone slabs to smaller "load and go" type items like rubble strips and pavers.

The Grove

When it comes to trees, you'll want to head out to the grove where you'll find all types - shade trees, ornamental trees, and flowering trees. We carry multiple varieties of elms, oaks, and maples. But sometimes it's the unusual specimen that will make your landscape unique!